Raise stamps for charity fundraising effort

If you have an online fundraising effort with any of the popular fundraising websites, we can help you raise money. We will issue you a unique postal address for your fundraisers to send used postage stamps. Stamps sent your unique address will be converted to online donation to your fundraising page. Every 1kg sent from your fundraisers will raise £10.

The stamps should be clipped, if possible, leaving around 5-10mm of paper surrounding the stamp. All postage stamps are accepted, provided that that they have not been previously sorted. A good barometer we use when reviewing stamps is whether the mix contains a good proportion of unfranked/mint stamps.If not, it is usually a sign that the batch has little commercial value as the interesting stamps have already been removed

As an added bonus, please try to use modern commemoratives, high values preferably, which are available at all Post Offices as postage when sending the collected stamps. The gold labels used instead of postage stamps have no value to collectors and should be avoided if at all possible.

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to help setup your unique postal address