How your donations help

Each charity manages its donations and incomes differently. Most charities are open about how they spend their income.

In the case of Barnardos, a leading childrens charity, for every £10 worth of stamps (1kg in weight), £9.10* goes towards charitiby activities such as protecting children from povety, domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

Barnardos would love supporters like yourself, your friends and colleaugues to save all their used postage stamps which come in on regular, everyday post. These include all stamps and collections old and new. Please send them to the address below.

MB 12
3-5 Hodgson Way
Hardwick Narrows
PE30 4WR

Please write your name and email address on a slip within the packaging so we can let you know when your stamps have arrived and how much you have rasied. You can, if you prefer, remain anonymous.

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* = figures quoted correct as of 18/01/2021.