• donate to your favorite charity
    Raise funds for your favorite charity
    Recycling used postage stamps is a great way to raise funds for your favorite charities.
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  • Raise money for a JustGiving cause
    We can also donate to a JustGiving cause from the stamps collected.
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  • every 1kg of stamps raises £10 for your chosen cause
    Every 1kg of stamps is worth £10
    If just 25 people saved 500 grams of used stamps, it would raise an incredible £125.
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POST your stamps to

The Game Pad
6 Norfolk Street
PE30 1AR

YOU DECIDE which charity or Fundraising cause will benefit from your used stamp collections. Stamp recycling is a very easy way to help charities. Simply collect the postage stamps from mail you receive or arrange a stamp appeal at your workplace, community group or with friends and family.

We pay charities and online fundraising causes £10 for every kilo of donated stamps you can send us. We accept all unsorted UK postage stamps but the stamps should be carefully clipped, leaving plenty of room [5 – 10mm] around the stamp. Collections can be arranged when the collection is 3kg or more.

We can help your charity funraise with little fuss or hassle

We handle the full stamp appeal service so no sorting or administration burden on your organisation. Cheques are issued during the first 5 working days of each month for the stamps collected and verified from the previous month.

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See How You Can Help

How Can I Help

Start saving letters

Carefully clip [5 – 10mm] around the stamps on letters you receive, send them to us once you have 500 grams or more.

Start a workplace stamp appeal

Wether its a workplace, community group, your charity shop or just getting your friends and family involved, you can raise a lot more quickly when you have a helping hand.

Tell your charity shop

We will pay £10 for every kilo of UK stamps your charity shop collects. We will cover postage once 3kg or more has been collected. Cheques are sent direct to the charity shop.


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